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Prestressed concrete sheet piles

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Prestressed concrete sheet piles, also known as prestressed concrete sheet piles, use prestressed reinforcement.

Prestressed concrete sheet piles manufactured by Binh Duong Concrete Co., Ltd meet Japanese standards: JIS A5373 Precast Prestressed Concrete Products.

Materials used for production


Coarse aggregate: Crushed stone conforms to ASTM C33 or equivalent standards.

Fine aggregate: Natural sand, crushed sand or a combination of natural sand and crushed sand in accordance with ASTM C33 or equivalent standards.

 Cement: Portland cement mixture with PCB 40 and above. Technical requirements comply with TCVN6260-2009 or equivalent standards.


Additives: The use additives have enough technical certificates recognized by the state management agencies, in accordance with ASTM C494.

Prestressed steel: Complies with ASTM A416, JIS G3137.

Regular reinforcement: Conforms to JIS G3112 or equivalent.

Concrete strength:

- Design: minimum 60Mpa - cylinder model 15x30 cm.

- When creating post-tensioning: at least reach 35Mpa.

 Product maintenance: Concrete is cured until the specified strength is reached.

 Pile length: Piles are designed with lengths from 3m to 28m.

- Manufactured at the factory with advanced technology processes, quality controlled strictly, high productivity, can produce many types of products with different specifications.

- Execute easily and accurately, without large ground.

- Prestressed reinforced concrete sheet piles make full use of the compressive strength of concrete and tensile strength of steel.

- After construction, it will form a closed concrete wall, so it is highly resistant to erosion, limiting hip expansion of the embankment.
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