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What is lightweight concrete brick?

Lightweight concrete bricks are lightweight bricks, one of the most common unburnt materials used today. This type of brick is also known as autoclaved aerated concrete brick, prefabricated, manufactured according to the manufacturer’s size, or maybe according to customer needs. This product has outstanding features such as good sound and heat insulation, good fire resistance and waterproofing … so it is used very popular today.

Characteristics of lightweight concrete bricks

Light weight: This product is much lighter than traditional terracotta bricks. The reason this type of brick is lightweight is because it is made of air bubbles. This helps to save materials to make frames, pile foundations or help workers work more easily and efficiently.

 Good sound insulation: Designed with effective sound insulation, the sound is subdivided, minimizing the amount of sound affecting your home, helping you to have a quiet space.

Environmentally friendly: This type of brick is produced by materials such as stone, cement, sand or recycled waste such as coal slag, etc., so it is considered an environmentally friendly product without destroying resources. as if using terracotta bricks. In addition, in the production process, it helps to minimize the amount of waste that pollutes the environment and limits emissions that affect the surrounding environment.

Effective insulation and energy saving: Not only good sound insulation, the product also has effective insulation. Low thermal conductivity, effective insulation should be limited to be affected by outside temperatures. Thereby, helping to save power and save costs. In addition, walls built with these bricks are fire resistant when the heat level can withstand more than 1000 degrees Celsius and the brick structure is not changed. This helps to limit the risks that can occur when there is a fire.